First make sure that you’ve prepared everything before bathing by reading our Top 5 Tips For Bath Preparation.

Ok, now you’re ready to begin!

1. Be Mindful Of Your Cat’s Mood

The most important thing throughout the process is the welfare of your cat. Keep talking in a reassuring voice and be sure to praise them constantly. Never fight or manhandle your cat. You may need to start with just getting one paw wet and then stop if they become too stressed. Try more another day and work your way up to a full bath.

Cats are highly sensitive and can sense your mood. If you are nervous or in a rush they will pick up on that. The key is to project calm and reassurance at all times.

2. Create A Secure Environment

Make sure there is a rubber mat in the sink or basin or bathtub so your cat has a secure footing. Nothing is worse than a slippery surface for our feline friends.

Ensure the door is locked and there are no drafts to disturb kitty.

3. Wet Thoroughly

Some cats are perfectly fine with standing in two or three inches of warm water which you can use to wet their coat.

Other cats will immediately panic if their paws are submerged so make sure all the water is drained off immediately and use a cup filled with warm water or gentle hand-held shower to wet the coat.

If you use a shower, keep the nozzle close to your kitty’s body to minimise the sound of the water. Of course, never ever spray water directly at your cat's face and definitely never ever ever ever dunk your pet's head in water!

Remember to keep talking!!

4. Lather Gently

Use a small amount of Pure C shampoo to gently lather the whole coat making sure you keep the shampoo out of kitty’s mouth, nose and ears.

Depending on how your cat is feeling take your time with this step to simultaneously give them a warm and relaxing massage.

Make sure you lather in the direction of their fur growth and try to mimic how you pet them usually so this is just a damp petting session rather than anything unusual!

5. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse!

Use warm water to thoroughly rinse your beloved companion so that no trace of shampoo remains. Then rinse again!

Did I mention you have to rinse!

Keep on talking!!

6. Dry Gently

Pat your cat gently with a towel and then carefully get them out of the bath. Then, wrap your cat in the towel and rub gently. When the towel gets too wet, switch to another dry towel. Keep on going until kitty is nice and dry.

While drying repeat the motions from your normal petting to give your cat a sense of familiarity. If your cat gets impatient or agitated then stop, just make sure to keep them in a draft free room so they can dry naturally.

If kitty is very brave you could consider using a hair dryer on the lowest setting to give them the movie-star fluffed up look! Please don’t put the hair dryer too close and never ever blow air directly at your pet's face.

7. Treat, Treat, Treat!

Now is the time to totally spoil your beloved kitty silly!! Give them their favourite food, treats and toys. It’s Eid, Christmas and their birthday all at once!! Make sure they have a super positive association with bathing so they are even more eager to take one next time!!

Make sure you also keep on praising, petting and give them as much attention and affection as you can. After all they depend on your love as you depend on theirs!!

Above all, remember that the key to bathing your cat is patience. Keep on softly talking and project tranquillity and calm. Of course, never scream or jostle kitty.

Use your calming energy to make them tranquil. You’re both in this together and together bath time can be rewarding and fun!!