Hi everyone!!!

Hope you are having a purrrfect weekend.

Today I want to talk about preparing your cat for a nice relaxing bath.

Maybe I’m biased but I think cats are the cleanest animals in the world. Much better than those messy dogs!!

However, even though we mostly take care of ourselves, sometimes we really enjoy a nice relaxing bath, especially if we’ve been outside in the mud and dirt!

Here are my five essential tips:-

1.      Make Sure They’re In The Mood

This is by far the most important thing to do! You know you cat better than anyone. Sometimes they will lie in your lap purring away for ages and sometimes if you stroke them once they’ll nip at you!

It’s very important to make sure your cat is nice and relaxed. This may be after dinner or when they just wake up. Your cat is unique and you must make sure you schedule the bath so it’s convenient for them not for you!

2.      Find A Tranquil Spot

Imagine yourself in a Jacuzzi at the top of a mountain with just silence and nature around. Isn’t it wonderful and blissful?! You can really decompress and let yourself be one with the universe.

That’s exactly the type of atmosphere you need to create for your cat so they associate bath time with peace and tranquillity rather than unpleasant noise.

3.      Create A Soothing Environment

This is the time for you and your beloved pet to bond together in harmony. Keep your phone on silent and the television switched off. Make sure there won’t be any interruptions.

Before you attempt to bathe, experiment with different music to see what your cat prefers. I love Mahler’s Fifth Symphony! Or you could sing or hum gently to give them added familiarity and comfort.

4.      Use The Right Tools

Make sure you have all the tools you need at hand. Everything from the right sized basin to fluffy towels to a hairdryer and our beautiful shampoo should be laid out and within easy reach. Remember that your beloved companion may suddenly panic or get stressed so it is vital that you have all the tools necessary for an efficient and relaxing bath close by.

5.      Familarise Your Cat With The Process

Make sure days or weeks beforehand that your cat has had the opportunity to familiarise himself with all the equipment that you are going to use. Let them scent-mark, sniff, scratch, paw and even sleep on or in all the items!

This means that you must leave the basin and everything else in plain sight so that your pet is used to seeing and interacting with them and does not get stressed by being exposed to any strange objects.  

Now after all your hard work and preparation you are ready to give both you and your precious companion a relaxing and peaceful experience. Enjoy!