Welcome To Our New Series Of Frequently Asked Questions

Number One - Can I use Pure C on kittens?

The answer is no, unless you have a very good reason.         

It is important to remember that kittens are very delicate. In normal circumstances, a kitten nurses with their mother for a period of 12 weeks or so. The mother provides warmth and nutrition. So you should not use shampoo on a kitten less than 12 weeks old.

In addition, the kitten isn’t very good at temperature regulation so they’re very sensitive to changes in their environment.

There are three main risks for bathing kittens:-

1. Hypothermia

Hypothermia is when the body sends out more heat than it absorbs. You can bathe the kitten in warm water but if the room temperature is too low the kitten may suffer from hypothermia. A kitten in that condition may find it difficult to eat and digest food which may make it even more difficult for them to raise their body temperature.

A kitten suffering from hypothermia may die very quickly so if you suspect a kitten is in this condition you must get them to a vet as soon as possible.

2. Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia is the opposite of hypothermia and is when the body absorbs more heat than it can send out. If the water used to bathe the kitten is too warm, it is possible to seriously overheat the kitten.

3. Natural Oils

Cats and kittens have natural oils in their fur. Kittens especially have a very fragile balance of oils in their skin. Shampoo can change the balance of these oils, especially if used frequently.

For all the above reasons, you really should not use shampoo on a kitten.

However, there are some situations where bathing a kitten is necessary. For example, if the kitten is rescued from the streets and is covered with excessive dirt or insects.

Please stay tuned for our next article about the most useful tips to bathe a kitten in that situation.